sweetblood42 (sweetblood42) wrote,

fa la la la, la la la

santa claus is comin to town, SANTA CLAUS is coming to town, SANTA CLAUS is comin-to town!

I get the fucking point. it's goddamn xmas okay? you don't need to play that shit anymore. if someone isn't aware that it's the holidays, then they've obviouly been pullin an emerson. oh my god, sorry about the rant. it's just so annoying to hear rudolf the red nose reindeer (reindeer!), rocking around the xmas tree, jingle bells, and jingle bell rock. the only song i approve of it baby it's cold outside. on a funnier note (god, i sound like news anchor), i heard 'santa baby' sung by a guy. i was laughing aloud.

santa baby isn't so bad.

I had a whole pint of effing coldstone. that makes me sick.

jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring...

i hate the holidays...
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