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close your eyes harder

and pretend

3/31/06 06:35 pm - shoot an apple off my head

i need to sleep. I'm goning on less than one hour of sleep from last night. I dunno why, but i couldn't sleep. It's fine, but i'm just hella tired.

brads mom is a fucking whore.

put on a happy face.

i want to puke.

1/17/06 07:38 pm - these things

today was most likely one of the shitty-ist days of my life. I was up the night before until 1:30 working on a take home test. it was on the great gatsby, and i haven't even read the book. so then i woke up at 6:30, but didn't get up until 6:50, keep in mind that I leave at 7:15. So I didn't even get to shower. I threw on some crappy clothes, and washed my face and was off. at school, i printed my test out, and stapled it together in the wrong order, and left my cd in the school compture. in math, i was working on history questions that I missed because i skipped the end of d block on friday. after i finished that, i'm trying to learn these all this math crap, and it was no fun. in english, i was going to work on something for health, but i left it in my locker. so i go back to my locker, think i get it, and come back. class starts, and i realize i left it in my locker. so tell my teacher i need to get my text book, so i can go back to locker, and get it. i get my text book, but not that paper. this happens AGAIN, except i thought i got the right assignment, but it was an old assignment. so i couldn't work on that. it turns out that it was worth 73 points, and we only have like 500 in the class. and my grade was 91 and i really want an A, so i guess i'll just do hella good on the final. anyway, i go to health, which is never fun because stobie is a stupid conservative. so i listen to him preach for 45 mins, and then go to the library. this was the only fun of the day because i left early with brittany w. and got starbucks. at lunch, i eat some piece of crap food from the caf, and the cafiteria ladies are going to refuse to serve me next time because i'm WAY in debt. so much for eating at school anymore. d block, i lost my assignment i did in math, which really pissed me off, so i went to the library and sit at a computer and do nothing. actually i looked up colleges, clothes, but didn't do work. 15 mins before class, someone tells me we have something due. i work hella hard, and finish, but find out it's not due until tomorrow.

oh, and someone at my work called me fat yesterday. now i want to lose 10 lbs. or be a size 3 or 5.

now i'm doing a shitload of laundry and i need fold some stuff from the dryer...peace

12/12/05 01:18 pm

I feel so gross lately. I'm not eating right and not exercising. So i want to change all that. I think at the new year, i'll become vegan. i'll be damn hard, but i'll get all the supplements i need, and try. plus i'll do tons of research to prove to my mom vegans can be healthy. and i'll start exercising.

12/4/05 01:23 am - fa la la la, la la la

santa claus is comin to town, SANTA CLAUS is coming to town, SANTA CLAUS is comin-to town!

I get the fucking point. it's goddamn xmas okay? you don't need to play that shit anymore. if someone isn't aware that it's the holidays, then they've obviouly been pullin an emerson. oh my god, sorry about the rant. it's just so annoying to hear rudolf the red nose reindeer (reindeer!), rocking around the xmas tree, jingle bells, and jingle bell rock. the only song i approve of it baby it's cold outside. on a funnier note (god, i sound like news anchor), i heard 'santa baby' sung by a guy. i was laughing aloud.

santa baby isn't so bad.

I had a whole pint of effing coldstone. that makes me sick.

jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring...

i hate the holidays...

11/10/05 02:20 pm

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